About Us

About us

Welcome to Bonjour Khufu!

We are an independent online clothing label which launched in 2020, specializing in casual and leisure wear. We love colour, pattern and print! Our aim is to produce clothes that are fun and easy to wear and above all comfortable. We choose or design fabrics that are vibrant, colourful and sometimes a little quirky. Our Bonjour Khufu Couture range provides premium clothing made from high end fabric such as silk, leather and linen. We limit the production to only 50-100 orders per item to truly make them exclusive. For some items you can choose the material and trimmings to make them personalized and unique to you. Under our couture range you will also find some prints that are exclusive to Bonjour Khufu which you will not be able to find anywhere else. 

A majority of our clothing are made to order, and custom made, so each item has been specifically made for each customer which means that we can offer high quality garments and produced in an environmentally sustainable way. As each piece is individually made this makes them unique as no piece will look exactly the same. Unlike mass production, where large quantities of the same product are produced, our products are made only after a customer orders it. Because of this, it cuts down massively on waste and there is no inventory lying around in warehouses. We also choose to work with manufacturers that have excellent work ethics and care about their workers. Your clothes should be a joy to wear and we hope that our clothes will put a smile on your face and others. Life is too short to be wearing boring clothes!

Meet Khufu!

Meet Khufu!
This is Khufu, the inspiration for the name and our company mascot. Our Khufu was a rescue kitty having been abandoned, along with his brothers and sister by his mummy at a mere 3 weeks old. He was hand reared by a kindly lady who rescued abandoned cats. Now a fully-grown big boy, he lives with his brother Ptolemy and puppy Naiden, along with his human servants. His favourite things are sleeping in black chairs (where he is camouflaged), eating tuna and playing in his water bowl..